Needing some advice form those who may have research knowledge in UX and UI



Needing some advice form those who may have work/research experience in UX and UI.

I am currently writing a research project (regarding UX and UI) on the replacement of humans with AI (artificial intelligence) interfaces, on mobile smartphone apps, within the healthcare sector. I am planning on conducting a survey which will be targeted at gaining quantifiable data from the opinions of healthcare professionals and the pubic (those within the app’s target audience). This survey will involve the subjects interacting with an app before being asked to answer a series of questions relating to the app’s UX and UI features.

If anyone has any advice or knowledge that would be useful in helping me towards my survey questions (relating to UX/UI in smartphone applications) please PM me.

Many thanks



This is one for the @Researchers.

My preference is that we respond here rather than via PM so that others can learn as well. Is that cool with you?


of course, not a problem