Needing help with requirements specification


I’m currently a student and learning about ux design. I’m writing out a requirements specification but my mind cant conjure up any answers, just really looking for some ideas with what i can write. Its for a charity website, questions i need to answer are the following. Writing in bold are questions that need answered. ive have written some info, but need more

Client requirements

The client requires a website to be built that provides a service where members of the public can adopt an animal, add donations to help with animal welfare and to increase awareness for animals in need.

User requirements

The user would like to view animals online

Design constraints



Have you done any research yet? You’ll need to do research before you can write up any requirements.


Aye, you need to define the needs of the user and if they meet any business needs.

If there is no user need for any of this (hypothetically) there is no need for the website.

In your case. I suspect there is a need to users to look at cat gifs but you’d need to do more research to figure out under what conditions folks browsing cat gifs go on to adopt a cat.