Needed: Senior UX designer with technical writing skills




First time to the community. Looking for someone to review/edit 5,500 words for UX method summaries. Of course, this is a paid task, so happy to discuss.

Hope a request like this is appropriate(?) on the community? Please message me if you’re skilled and available for this time of task?

Moderator, if this is an inappropriate post, please feel free to delete.

Thanks for your help!



Hi Antonio, welcome.

I have no problem with this post, but thanks for checking in.
Best of luck finding someone to help out.


Thanks Sarah :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll get a bite!


Hi Antonio,

When do you need the work completed by? I have the skills and experience needed to do the job but need to know your timeframes before I can tell you if I’m available :slight_smile:



Hi Ashlea,
Very flexible.
When would you be available?
I’m happy to discuss the task in more detail off the forum, shall I message you via your email or can you PM me?
Warm regards,


Email me at :slight_smile:


For anyone looking for a content writer and UX professional…
I cannot recommend Ashlea higher enough!!
Absolutely fantastic!
Thank you for your help with the project. Look forward to working with you on future projects!


You’re very welcome :relaxed: