Need your help with naming

Hello Everyone! We have a SaaS-company based in Russia that makes it easier for businesses to hear their customers and to get useful insights. We provide a set of tools like on-site surveys, NPS, Emotional Ranking, etc.

Now we’re planning to enter the USA and Europe market and there is a question. Our company name is UX Feedback because user insights help us to improve not only the product but also its UX. Isn’t it misleading? Does the name make it clear what we mean? Or should we change it?

We appreciate any help, thank you so much and from Russia with love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Call it anything you want, it’s all about the branding in my opinion. Many successful brands aren’t named anything related to what they do, but the name becomes synonymous to what they do through strong branding.

One of the things I would think about though is the scope/flexibility of the name. As a SaaS company you are able to pivot very quickly and your offering could potentially change in future, so I’d try make it as futureproof as possible.