Need your help my fellow UX'ers, its my first survey

Hey there fellow UX’ers, I just joined what i hear is a excellent community and I hope you all could help me out. Its my first week of a UX design program and Im working on my first survey. I’d love not only for you to fill it out, but to reply with any feedback your think might be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Congratulations! A few thoughts:

  • You don’t leave any “non” options. For instance, your first question assumes that people use social media on a daily basis. Many people do not, but there’s no option for “none.” Your second question asks what your favorite social platform is, but doesn’t give me an option to say that I don’t have one.

  • Some of your questions have built-in biases. As an example “How has social media affected your personal relationships?” assumes that social media has impacted personal relationships. A more appropriate way to ask this question might be “Has social media had an impact on your personal relationships?”

These two problems really go hand-in-hand. You’re assuming an impact and asking a question that elicits responses to support that impact. Re-phrase your questions to be neutral and offer “non” responses.

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Thanks Doug! these are excellent points.

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Agree with what Doug said. Keep in mind, you have a couple of typos so you might want to review your wording.

Also, this question “Do you use social media to locate or research events, restaurants, hotels or vacations?” is a leading question. As Doug mentioned, you have some biases in your survey that will color your results.

When writing a question, try to think of what answers will help you make design decisions and then word them as unbiased as possible. So for the question above, you might word it as “What do you use social media for?” and then offer a list of checkboxes with an other option as well.

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