Need your help! Compiling a list of some real life statistics related to UX design


Hi Everyone,
I need your help!
I am gathering a list of really important UX statistics in the hopes to create a reference for UX designers to call on when they need to eitehr validate an idea, share some knowledge or forget where they read an interesting statistic.
What do I mean by statistcs? Important numbers that have come from well known research studies or case studies only. Think of NN/G, Baymard, big agencies and conusltancies. That type of stuff.
I have started a spreadsheet that I am hoping will become a crowdsourcing project of us UXers to keep adding to.

There are 5 columns:
Key Statistic: The statistic and a little info about it in a sentence.
Original Article Title: Title of where it came from
Primary Source URL: The URL of the Original source (not secondary or from joe smith’s blog)
Year published: self explantory
Tags: Any tags you think it can be labeled under - categories, keywords etc.
If you require permission, just send a request and I will add you.

What do I hope to create at the end of this? Well possibly a cool little site, app… who knows. As long as it serves us in our daily UX lives. let’s do this!


ZURB used to have a site like this that you could search by industry and keyword. I can’t find it anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for taking this on!


No worries! Just need more people to jump on board!


Not much action happening. Come on guys help me out here!
What UX statistics have you come across that is worth recording for future reference?!


@ari_rahmati Just came across this information:

From Hubspot article:
The human brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than plain text.

From Live Science article:
A survey conducted by Philip Cohen, a sociologist from the University of Maryland, asked 2,000 men and women the simple question: “What is your favorite color?” The pure color most often given in response was “blue,” for both genders.

Is this worth posting in your list, and is this what you need? Some other questions: Does it has to be statistics and can it be bound to one website or should it be general information that applies for everybody?


Thanks @sandervolbeda do you mind adding it to the google sheet above? I’m trying to streamline the process and getting UXers from differnet communities to add at once, otherwise it will take me years :frowning:


Just found this gem! Anyone want to help me add some of these in the sheet??


Hey there,
Apologies for the radio silence here. It’s a pretty crazy time of year for most people as they wrap up for the holidays. I think this is a cool idea but you might have more luck waiting until January and then bumping it. :slight_smile:


@ari_rahmati Sure, will do! Will you check everything that will be added to the document? Otherwise we won’t know how valid the information is that’s put in there? For example, if I drop links to my blog in there (just to gain more visitors) that wouldn’t be great for your idea.

In short, do you check all information that’s added?