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I have recently started my masters in IxD. My teacher has asked me to write a blog every week. I am not a writer and English is not my first language. I am having trouble putting down my ideas.

I would really appreciate if you guys can give some tips on writing a meaningful blog.

Thank you,

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Hey there,
Keeping a blog is a great way to practice your written English and explore your thoughts.
What I do is keep a notebook so that I can write down ideas for posts when they occur to me so that I have a list to draw from on days when I’m feeling uninspired.

Blog posts don’t have to be long.

Let’s ask @AshleaMcKay and @Rich1 for some pointers. They are both professional writers. I’m sure many others here have ideas too.

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Thank you @HAWK… I was thinking about starting from writing 300 words. There is one more issue that I feel like I will embarrass myself by writing something stupid.

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I don’t know how helpful this is going to be, but I pretty much just write down exactly what’s in my head. I write the way I think and speak. When I’m putting it on the page, I don’t overthink it - I just get it out because I know I can smooth it over later. When I’m editing my work, I tend to read it out loud to see how it flows and if it makes sense.

That feeling never goes away. Ever. There’s a hilarious parody song about bad writing called ‘Word Crimes’ that gets stuck in my head every time I sit down to write and I always doubt myself - if only for a second.

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