Need some research results presentation examples for inspiration


In a couple of days, I will be presenting my research results as well as the methods and techniques I’ve used during the process. Right now I am preparing a formal report, but I will also have a 20 min slot to present my work.

So far I’ve made online research, observations, user interviews, and usability testings. I then synthesized all the data and created customer journeys maps, Point-of-view Statements and How Might We questions.

I was hoping that maybe someone could share their presentations as an example, as that would be my first ever presentation in the field.

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I don’t have anything that I can share publicly yet.

I’d suggest using slides (either powerpoint or google slides) since you’re doing a presentation.

I’d also recommend you break it into sections:

  • summary (highlights key findings & recommendations as bullet points)
  • background (why the study was done)
  • methods (including summary of participant details and length of sessions)
  • findings (explain findings)
  • artifacts (customer journey maps, pov statements, hmws etc)

Thank you @deaduramilade That makes big sense to me!

I was going to put the summary to the end though. Do you think it better works at the beginning?

Also I am struggling now with narrowing all my POVs and HMWs to 4-5 out of 10-12 to meet the time limit. And this is challenging :thinking:

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I think both with slightly different purposes. Start with a summary of the structure of your presentation (e.g. the headings that you’ll discuss) and end with a summary of your findings (the things that @deaduramilade suggests).

Any templates or examples here @Experienced-UXers? @Lukcha?


That is a great idea! Thank you!


Fully agree! It’s very exhausting to watch a presentation that takes forever to understand high level takeaways…

Another way of looking at it is having the summary of findings in the beginning and by the end you repeat them but also bringing suggestions/ways to move forward. Sometimes a bit of repetition can bring a nice red thread to your presentation.


I’d take a look at this article for some inspiration. I refer to it a lot when doing research reports.


Unfortunately my presentations are internal work product so I can’t share. But once a quarter I have to distill a volume of data from tons of research in a 30 min slot to the CEO. Here’s what I do.

Always start with one slide that promises what you’re going to cover. Something like “What we wanted to learn, what we did, what we actually learned, next steps and recommendations” works for me.

I summarize the research questions and often the method on one quick slide. Very short bullets visible on the slide, with notes for myself with detail. Here’s where I might say “out of X hundred discreet data points, which are in the full report, here’s what you need to know”.

I’ve found that direct quotes speak volumes, so I use those a lot. Instead of a slide saying “we should work on X feature…” I just have a slide with a quote bubble “I wish X feature could”… and then a participant ID to make it feel real. Then I talk to that quote.

I also break issues down into buckets like “readily actionable”, “need more research”, etc.

Finally, I wrap with what I suggest be done based on the findings.


@jdebari Thanks a lot for sharing! Definitely goes to the Bookmarks :slight_smile:

@amberasarose Those are great advices, thank you! Already started compiling your words into my presentation.

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I just have a general point about exposing processes. Have a think who you are presenting to and what you want them to do with the information. its always good to show what you did and the depth you did it, but in my experience stakeholders need to know what to decide or spend or what direction to go. Start and end with your brief and what your research found to that ends. The process is never the outcome but I have seen design research pulled to pieces as they want to show the process too much.


@deaduramilade @HAWK @vanessaddmacedo @jdebari @amberasarose @andrew_lamont
Huge thanks to all of you!
I considered all your points and presentation went well. The clients are satisfied and are now very motivated to continue our collaboration. Despite being hesitant about the research at the beginning. So, that’s a success I guess :star_struck: