Need some opinion about the landing page


Hi guys, i ve been having some troubles in where to place the search bar on this landing page in my project, it is very mind breaking for me so i thought i could ask for some opinion regarding which one will be better UX and why?
Thanks a million in advance…



Hey @erginsenses – welcome!

My personal preference from a balance perspective is the one on the right, but I can’t actually read the placeholder text in that image so I’m not quite sure what I’m choosing. What are the search fields for?


the fields are,
left (or top) for skills and services where the user to select a specific service
the right (seconds from the top) is location field, which will be automatically determined by using location services,
and the bottom one (or the far right green button) is for search ofcourse…

My initial dilemma was that when i place them next to eachother the field on the left which is for services becames too short then i need to increase the lenght of it in order to fit the selected filed (because some sevices are 50-55 characters long. i thought of using the right design with the field bars having 3-2-1 ratio, or the one on the left picture where i have a lot of space for all the fields.

And the menu container on top will be 1400px wide, so left to right streched. I thought having a V shaped design from top to bottom of the page might look cool…

Having said that i´m still confused and can´t decide which design to go for, my biggest concern is the UX ofcourse…


As @HAWK mentioned, the one on the right looks more balanced.
I have two suggestions for the placeholder:

  • Make the placeholder text a little darker. Eg: Airbnb


The one on the right.

Reason being centrally aligned things are harder for the eye to follow.


Yup, I think the one on the right is the winner on the day!


@erginsenses from UI prospective I prefer the one on the right.
From UX prospective I have some questions:

*are both fields mandatory?
*what will happen if users search only for location?
*what if users just search for the main entities (skills and services) and afterwards if the search results list is too big provide an advanced filter panel?

As you said this is a landing page, a entry point to interaction flow. In this scenario you are asking your users to accomplish a task with 3 steps (to input a keyword, to input a location and press the CTA).

I hope it will help :slight_smile:


@dopamino, thanks for the advice mate, both fields are mandatory, if the user doesn´t fill in the location we will do it for them through location services :slight_smile: but either way it is not possible to click search button without giving both fields.


@AshleaMcKay that is a good reason actually, i think i made my mind up on that one.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


The winner is the one on the right i guess, most logical way to do, thank you so much for the advice you´re all given me guys, its been great help :wink:

You´re champions,



Happy to help. Don’t be a stranger. :slight_smile: