Need some help with my first discovery survey

Hi, I’m come up with an idea for for first UX Design project to learn the ropes and build up my portfolio. If anyone can spare 5 mins to take this survey I would be most grateful indeed.

I’m using a “Typeform” for the survey which is really impressive I think, however I found out too late it doesn’t have conditional fields in the free version :wink:

This is the ‘discovery’ phase of the project finding out who the possible users are and what that means to the design of the service.

Done. :slight_smile:

I like Typeform as well. Formstack is also good.

Cool thanks Hawk, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Nice idea, @morktron. :slight_smile: Done.

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Done! loved the idea, very interesting.

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Survey completed - I like this way of getting some ‘will it fly’ feedback. Good luck with it @morktron.


Seems like a pretty cool idea - interested in the direction this idea takes…

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Interesting idea! Are thinking of a platform where designers can submit their design problems or users of an app can submit they UI issues with the app?

Didn’t complete the survey as you seem to have enough responses. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking :slight_smile: In the end the idea isn’t so important, it’s just to get me some UX Design experience.

However I’m stoked that people are interested. It’ll be a place for people to post UX issues they come across. Rather than designers submitting problems since there is already a great place for that

I’ll post my user needs survey findings soon…

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