Need some help! - User interface for online payments tool


Hi guys,

I’m about to working on User Journey for an online payments startup. The product allows secure payments direct from your bank account, without the need for Bank/Credit cards. The USP is a secure ID verification process that banks will accept.

There is lots of information available on current habits, however, I want to find out about the problems user face with these options.

So will be going out to be asking as many people as I can find.

My gut tells me that some main issues might be …

  • Data Security
  • Protection from fraud
  • Tracking their spending
  • Convenience (simple authentication)

Anybody got some thoughts/experience/advice, all welcome.



hi @paddy

due to the stage of the project, as a UX designer, I will be focused on a higher layer of the UJ.

When we designed the payment native app we started checking:

  • as a user that just downloaded the app on which process I have to go through to be able to make my first payment ( the user that download the app VS the user that receive an invite and/or a request for a payment)?
  • as a user how can I add my bank account to the app?
  • how my bank can give the access to the app with the minimum effort from my side?
  • how the payments I will execute are merged in my payment overview within the web-banking app/site?

I hope it will help :wink:


Hi Luigi,

Thanks for that, some good questions for me to consider. The startup are focused on developing the core technology, around security, and verified identity.

I’ve made some online purchases this week on ebay and amazon using both paypal and credit card, and have noted the issues, many points of user frustration with these processes.

This will have many use cases, from e-commerce to government services. We are going to concentrate on e-commerce firstly, to prove the technology integrates with the banking. This is part of the opening up of the online payments market in Europe.


hi @paddy

this is a momentum that cannot be lost by fin-tech companies.
We are already thinking how to extend our product towards this need. The Swiss market is slightly different because is not aligned with the UE laws, on the other side more and more apps are popping up to allow micro payments with third party providers.

I’m looking forward to having updates on your journey :wink:

Have a nice day


Do websites have to sign up to the scheme in order for customers to use it? That is possibly a big blocker as they wont spend time a their end unless there are users and users wont sign up if there are no websites to use it on.