Need some help on resume and portfolio



Thanks for all of your feed back! I just updated my portfolio, which has a better look and feel. Still, welcome any feedback! :slight_smile:

Glad to find this community and many UX professionals. I am a web designer with a strong interest in UX design. Currently I am looking for a breakthrough in my career, to find a UX job. However, it did not go very well.

I am hoping to get some advice on job searching in terms of my mixed background, also, some critique of my portfolio and resume.

I am also open to UX projects. Anyone who wants to find a partner for either learning UX or working on project together please let me know.

Thank you!

P.s. This forum has quite a lot of little surprises in design, such as tips beside the post editing window (successfully stopped me posting an irrelevant reply in a subject), numbers of clicks for each link, separated color bubble for notifications and messages. I like these features.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look at your portfolio next week (I’m about to head away for Easter) and come back to you.


Just to give you some context on me: I don’t exactly feel qualified to review other people’s portfolios. Frankly, I’ve been applying for UX positions for like 2 years unsuccessfully, and have simply kept my current position of “everything man but also UX” at a smallish agency. I’ve also never hired, and am not too sure how I would fair if I had to. Otherwise, I’ve been doing this for about 4 years, and previously I worked as a jr full stack developer for about a year.

  1. I was a little confused entering the website. I thought I was on your portfolio, but found a link to another portfolio. What I think is, you’ve made a portfolio site and are using it as a portfolio piece in your ‘primary’ portfolio site. Okay I see now.

  2. of course, i think you did real well to articulate and visualize so much of your process. i suspect that’s considered highly. - it’s actually giving me ideas on how i can/should visualize steps which for which we either produced no materials, or which were hidden by NDAs.

– one of the things that i’m sort of intrigued by is how you break up stories or requirements into categories. sometimes you number them and place them on a grid, or lay them out on a spectrum and group them, or put them into a table. how are you deciding to apply these various… views?

  1. the site gives me the impression that you seem to have a handle of a process, and you’re good at using it (and the methods involved) to get the information you need to move forward.

i think it’s legit.


  1. regarding the english: idk how big a role it plays, but there are spelling and grammatical errors. i’d be willing to help on that if you need/want it.


Hey mrcn! Thanks for the intro and review. I was doing web design and website administration, haven’t been successfully got any UX opportunities, but I am trying to find more projects to work on.

One question you asked about the “requirement table”, which identifies the requirements and put them into different buckets, was built by myself. It is from my experience of doing web creations and marketing. In the early phase of doing either website or marketing strategy, you always gather requirements from stakeholders and make sure you understand what they want. The “table” helps you attribute and analyze requirements so you have an idea of how to meet their needs. When you show the “table” to your clients, they know better of what they want, too.

I appreciate that you pointing out the “portfolio” is confusing. It needs a new name tho.

In terms of English and grammar, yes I need help. Thanks for the offer.

BTW, here I am recommending a portfolio that you might find useful, You might already heard this person but I learned a lot from his portfolio. Enjoy!


Indeed, interesting. Thanks for the response.
I’ll send you a message regarding the grammatical + spelling


Thank you!



I love the landing page; quite unique and the colors are pleasing to my eye.

I was confused by the buttons though. When I hover over them, it looks like I’ll be following a link. Nothing happens though. I did finally realize that I needed to scroll down to see your work, but buttons should go somewhere.

The Grid System Website page isn’t responsive. I tend to use a small screen and the words on the left were cut off the page.

With regard to the editing, I have a suggestion. Try reading your text out loud. That will easily bring out things that need to be corrected.

As for your resume, it looks really good. There is one thing you may want to consider. It is my understanding that bullet points can mess up automatic screeners, so you may want to remove those that aren’t actually showing a list.

Overall, I think your work is beautiful.



Thank you Piper! I will clear out the confusion and re-edit my content.

By the way, the grid system site should be responsive, but the belt shape might look weird on different screens. I tested it on different devices and browsers, did not find the words were cut off the page. If you don’t mind, would you please take a screenshot for me or let me know what size of the screen you were using?


Sure. Here you go. I use Firefox 59.0.2

I’m honestly not sure the size of the screen. I mean, I use a MacBook Air, but what I mean is that I usually don’t view whatever apps in full screen. Does that help and make sense?


Wow! Thanks a lot for the screenshot! Did not find it before. I thought you mentioned the site itself. And seems the button has problems too…
Will fix it.


I love the colors.

The Grid thingy is pretty cool. I would suggest adding a hand animation as it’s not clear your suppose to drag. I only knew because I’ve seen someone else have similar.


Hi @profungi,

From a UX point of view, you need more process in your case studies. I might also try to be clearer about what you do. I know it can seem silly, but people put quite a distinction between Web Design versus UX Design. If you have both in your tagline it may muddy the waters to become a UX Designer.

Check out these UX portfolios:

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your feedback, @jordanampz !

The first page has a little round button with an arrow, but seems it is not well explaining how the site works. I need to think of a better way to explain.


Hi @jdebari,

I agree! My portfolio showed that I am more an experienced web designer instead of a UX designer. My next step is to do more projects, getting more training on the UX part, and reflect on my portfolio.

Thanks a lot for the sample portfolios! They are definitely helpful. :slight_smile: