Need more details on "UX Resources Coordinator"


Right now I am in a process of getting an opportunity in “UX Resources Coordinator”.
Any help would be appreciated on how I approach/prepare for such post?

Like how this individual would know the people(his team members) are in process?
How to keep track that all the team members are following the process?

Thanks for you help and support.


Hello @gaurionjob! Would it be possible for you to post the description of the job? UX roles are so varied that it’s hard to know exactly what the company is looking for-- and how to help you-- without a bit more information.


Hi @dougcollins. Good morning! Thanks for your reply.
I passed my first interview stage and approaching for the next one.

The JD says:
• The UX Resources Coordinator helps coordinate the day-to-day creative and production efforts of these team members within the UX Group.
• The Resource Coordinator will work with team and practice leads to ensure:
-The right people are working on the right projects at the right time.
-Support the creative process in a fast-paced environment.
• Understand the unique skills and interests of each team member
• Work with UX Practice Leads and UX Vision Leads to assess project needs
• Evaluate best team makeup for assigned projects

I can see a very different side of UX in this post which is new for me but still a great learning.
That would be helpful if you can provide any info for the same.



Thanks for replying! This job seems like a management position, more than a strictly UX role. To me, a few pieces will be important in being successful:

  • A well-defined and followed UX process.
  • An understanding of the team, including their strenghts and weaknesses
  • An understanding of the business, including future projects and features
  • The ability to follow the team well through their UX process.

A big part of understanding where the team members are in the UX process will be your standup meetings. The best format, it would seem to me, would be for each team member to describe what they worked on yesterday, and they’re working on that day. Doing so in conjunction with a planning tool like Rally or JIRA would help gain clarity to where each project is in its overall UX process, and whether or not that process is being followed.


Sorry for my late reply.

Yes, it is a management position.
Thanks so much for the key features and description you came up with.
It will help me to describe my role while presenting my profile.

Thanks again for the help!