[Need Mentors] User Experience Society, in the Philippines


Hello guys! I’m Alexis, a sophomore university student from the Philippines.

I’m trying to create an organization called User Experience Society (UXSoc for short). We have mentors in the local UX scene from UXMNL and UXPH but we’d appreciate if we could get help from the international community.

Here’s our vision, mission and objectives, for your perusal, of course. :slight_smile:

[CENTER][B][SIZE=28px]UX Society[/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]
[CENTER]Organizational Objectives[/CENTER]

[]To be the premiere consulting body for User Experience Design, particularly in technologies that enhance usability, guide human-computer interaction, and showcase effective visual design.
[/LIST] [B]Mission[/B]
]To advocate proper User Experience Design and to create and develop effective digital products by applying principles, concepts and methodologies in User Experience Design.
[/LIST] [B]Objectives[/B]
[]To create and sustain a user experience design community within Ateneo and provide an avenue for the appreciation of UX
]To establish links with relevant organizations and aid them in creating quality digital products and services through UX
[*]To train members in UX methodologies through workshops, seminars, and conferences.

I’m just here to ask for any practical advice. I’m very open to those. Thank you!

[I]Fun fact: I met Matthew Magain and Donna Spencer from one of the recent UXPH conferences. They’re really cool! :)[/I]


Welcome Alexis. What an awesome idea! Good luck with it.
Your objectives etc look great and I love your logo! What kind of advice are you after?


I’d just like your two cents on what kind of projects we should do, if you were in our position! :slight_smile: