[Need mentors] Please help me see the real UX world


I recently graduated with degree in UX and design thinking. But I find the real world project is quite different to what I learned from books… So I’m wondering if anyone could kindly offer me some help and advice on my real world projects…


Hi Isabel,
Welcome. Where are you based in the world?

There is some great advice about getting a mentor in this article, and an entire chapter about it in our [URL=“http://uxmastery.com/get-started-in-ux/”]eBook.

In the immediate term, crowdsource it! We’re happy to help and offer advice here if that helps. :slight_smile:


Hi Isabel! That sounds like a great course to have done as prep for a UX career.

As Hawk said, we’re very happy to help here, so fire away. Is there also a teacher or fellow student(s) from your course you could work with? Lots of people face the same problem, so maybe a few of you could band together and support each other?