Need help with my project for UX


Hey Guys,
I’m new here and new in UI/UX as well. So I got this one project of a website. This is the link of it
I don’t know how to start with UX. I did heuristic evaluation first to find out what are the problems. After that, I am confused that should I change only UI? The target is only vpn users but I was wondering to add features like how to use vpn for new users and how it works? I am confused how to start UX. Do I even need UX or only UI?


hi @dotafxoc

From my point of view, there’s no magic recipe to accomplish a UX/UI review.
A good start could be to define the UX/UI Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to do that you should address specific questions to your stakeholders (product owners, project managers, business analysts, engineers etc).

An example could be:

  • at the moment we have 3 main tasks for 2 types of users, are these tasks fulfilling all the user needs?
  • the main task (explain what is about) took about 45" to be accomplished. What about the same task provided by our competitors?
  • our website is responsive, what about the design strategy (mobile first, desktop first, browser target etc )?

More the questions are precise and matching the current status of the product more the feedback will be valuable for you to prepare a design plan and to decide on which deliverables you want to focus first (research, wireframes, mockups etc)

I hope it will be up to your alley :wink:


Hi @dopamino,

Thanks for helping me!!!
I got it.