Need help with host and domain for ux portfolio


I just finished my first ux case study and i now need host and domain to show it. Can anyone recommend any good host and domain? Also should I code the portfolio myself or are their worthy templates out there for case studies?

Projects choice and portfolio hosting

@Louise is our portfolio guru. I’ll tag her in.

How strong are your front end skills?

@chrisoliver did a great job of writing up his latest case study. He can prob advise.


Thank you. I am not familiar with tagging but I am guessing they will see this topic and be here? My front end skills are ok, I mainly know html/css and responsive design.


I used Adobe Portfolio to host my portfolio because I already had an Adobe CC subscription. It’s a little quirky and limited in what you can customize, but I’ve heard a lot more complaints from people who used Squarespace. I got my domain from because it was recommended to me years ago. I haven’t tried any other registrars to compare.


Hi @ralphc_nyc! I’ve got two recommendations:

  1. is a great hosted solution that works well for portfolios.

  2. If you want to host something yourself, you might check out getting a hosting account through a company like BlueHost, setting up WordPress (which they’ve got a one-click install for), and then purchasing, and using this awesome theme that is tailored for designer portfolios:

Happy to answer any follow up questions you may have.


You’ve got some great answers already :). My choice is Wordpress and Divi theme -


I’m personally launched mine with wordpress through studiopress for their Genesis framework as I want to use it as a blog as well. I know many uxers that use Squarespace.

Personally, I plan on designing my own wordpress theme or something from scratch as a UX project. Documenting the research, wireframing, testing, etc and then the ultimate outcome - the website!

Please share with us where you end up