Need help using free icons


I downloaded this pack of free 350 icons:

I opened the PS file up and see one layer with all the icons. My question is how do I get the icons i want?


That’s interesting. No idea- I haven’t used this one before. Have you tried contacting them regarding their product? Always happy to help and in this case I think the best thing to do would be to ask the provider- I’d be curious to hear what they say.


Can you not just select and copy the individual icons that you need from that layer?


you mean crop them out? yea i was thinking that, I thought I was missing something but that can work.


I did. I agree that it seems weird, but I have the vague memory that I’ve come across the same thing before in the past and cropping them was the only solution.


If you want to work of the the EPS file, you can open it in Adobe Illustrator and you’ll have access to each icon as a separate vector graphic.
I’m pretty sure you’ve seen other formats provided by “NOVA”.

If you are designing in Photoshop, use AI file to extract from, but if you are a Sketch user than Sketch file will be more convenient.

Hope this helps