Need help regarding a small project


I got assigned a small task to designed a mobile app for dogs to meet. There was a description that surprised me however:

“Dogs will be able to quickly enter their preferences, browse potential dates, and casually chat with love interests.”

Is there even such thing as an app for dogs to use? Anyone know if there is and also do you think I misinterpret the description?


That does sound… strange. I’m not aware of any apps for dogs! I’d ask for clarification – it wouldn’t be a stupid question.


Is it possible that the app is “for dogs”, but reaaallllyyyy, it’s for dog OWNERS? who like to post a “personality” online of their dogs? wondering if it might be cute to allow a dog to “bark their greeting” through a recording, and owners can play it for “other dogs” to see if there’s a connection? I’m curious to hear about the feedback you get from client… could be very cute.


Yea I was thinking that too. I did some researching and there is an app called twindog that is for dogs and owners, I saw a video of a dog swiping and tapping the screen. Also interesting that you mentioned the bark greeting because I came up with a similar idea where there will be a screen that has multiple buttons to tap with each having it’s own sound. Dog owners will be able to set up a chat room with another owner and they can have their dogs tap the screen buttons which will have unique sounds such as different barks.


Could have been a typo, maybe it was supposed to say Gods?



I would be getting clarification on that, Ive yet to see a dog make a good coffee let along use an app :slight_smile: