Need help in assigning a design task to candidates

I need to hire a designer as fresher (intern). I have been working almost 2 years in one company. It’s bout time to expand Design team since I can’t do everything on my own. However, I can’t understand what kind of design tasks should I give to candidates?

It would have been so easy if I had given design tasks of the product on which I am working but I empathise other designers. I don’t want them to feel that “Hey, you just wanted design for your product”. Freshers definitely think that when companies give them design task especially for their own product, it’s way of getting new ideas and solutions instead of hiring them.

So, I don’t want them to feel that way but I am confused what design tasks should I give to them?

Hello here,

Here are few ideas for the tasks. You can just ask them to give you a rough wireframe as these ideas are on little heavier side.

  • students looking for teachers - online or in-person for tuition. Filtering options based on age, gender, qualification, experience, subject proficiency etc.

  • Track of your calories. - food intake, calculating carbs/portions/vitamins intake, your daily exercise routine, calories burnt charts, food intake = exercise done etc.

  • may be a dating site. - common interests, locations, gender etc.

Good luck!

It’s harder with an intern because they may not have a portfolio yet. Usually you want to do something fairly generic. There are a lot of things referenced online. I usually do designing a public transportation kiosk. Are you planning this as an onsite design challenge or take home?

@mythri_infotech91 and @jdebari

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, I had to give my project design task even though I didn’t want to. Perhaps, next time I will keep your points in mind. :grinning: