Need help from UI designers or anyone with an eye for good design (design pics)

Currently, I am working on a recycling app and doubting myself so much. I have no experience with UI design, but I was recommended to design according to Google Material Design in previous discussions here on the community.

I am not confident that this design is good enough to be included in my UX design portfolio for a junior job as a UX designer.

I’m still not sure about the text alignment and the feel as a whole.

If you can share your opinion of what might be approved that would be highly appreciated.

Hey there.

I see a lot of issues here that take a long way to resolve. Material design is still fairly new to me, and I am sure I did similar mistakes. To me, it seems like you have not entirely understood what material design is about, I am talking about elevation levels, the information structure on pages and shadows.

Graphic design issues are also a thing, starting from font choice and reaching to colors.

As an advice, I would advise you to use material design packages for the prototyping software you are using, and then try to structure your content into those elements, all while having the material design guidelines open in another tab.

All those things might be okay if your screens are wireframes, but you are already too close to high fidelity mockups, so UX professionals might see it as a lack of skill in UI. Make it into your strength by going back one step and just use well-structured wireframes.

I’d be more than happy to check back on your results after a rework.

Thank you for taking the time, appreciate it.
I have changed the mock up and focused more on clean minimal style.
You’re welcome to share your thoughts ,even mild suggestions!

This is not the entire app only a few critical pages.
First Page is the Onboarding experience for the user (watermark will be removed)
Page 2 is scanning an item to learn of the plastic type
Page 3 is the content which the user gets to learn and contribute to their progress page.


You did some great progress there. The colors make it more alive now, and the onboarding screens are a good touch.

You could try to align your body copy in the 3rd and 4th screen to the left because the length of it makes it not very apt to be displayed aligned to the center.

Also check out the composition of the bottom navigation destination. Check out the Component description on the Material Design guide for example.

You should bring in some well-chosen icons to make it more recognizable, maybe let other people as users choose the icons. Also, possibly remove “Home” and rework your information architecture. Think about where “Home” takes you, does it make sense to use this website artifact in your app, or is another destination more desirable to users.

There are some other minor issues, but you’re on a good way. To improve even further, check back with the Material Design guide from time to time.

Have fun working on it.

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Thanks for your input.

These are much better, the main issue I see is with managing white space and alignment. I am sure this is not the final design. Keep the printouts in front of you so they are visible at all times. Small issues and solutions will come to you.

Try to keep the margins and padding consistent between the content, and see if you can incorporate sliding thumbnails of the main 4 categories instead of just buttons. People like to associate things with images.

I am sure the two images in the above shot are self explainatory.

Best of luck.


Thanks for your input, I will keep on improving the design.

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