Need guidance in conducting my first brief with business client / product owner


In a couple of days, I am having a meeting with the product owner. The client is a local supermarket chain. They want to add some new features to their existing mobile app and I will do user research and will prototype my suggestions. The company is well known (I am also their customer), but currently I have no idea of what they want to add or change in their mobile app.

I will have about 1-1.5 hours to talk to them, and after that, I will be able to communicate with them only online until presentation. So I want to extract as much useful info as I can during the meeting.

As far as I can imagine I need to ask about the feature they want to implement:

  • What value will it bring to the company
  • What value will it bring to the users
  • How do they plan to monetize it
  • What pains users have related to the new feature
  • What technical restrictions may arise
  • Do competitors have any similar feature
  • Is there any related example I could explore

What else would be important to ask? Maybe something more general about their company?
And maybe you have some useful lifehacks for doing effective interviews with business clients?



Maybe, in addition to pain points, you might ask what users appreciate about the app?

That’s all I can think of. Your list seems quite comprehensive to me.

This sounds like an exciting project. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:



Ah, right! Thank you :slight_smile: And also what do they hate about the app :slight_smile:

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  • what is success criteria I.e KPIs/metrics?
  • Do they have Personas? If so which ones are they targeting?
  • Any other background research, competitor analyses, supporting docs etc?
  • what other apps do they like and why?
  • What are similar apps to benchmark against?


Thanks you @lykc ! I did the interview today and your questions helped a lot!

Need to analyze and synthesize all this conscious of the unconscious now :slight_smile: I am happy I managed to make an audio recording!