Need feedback on my portfolio



I spent 2015 working on personal projects for my portfolio and learning as much as I can on UI/UX design. My background is web design so I already have knowledge of the principles and understanding of how coding works. I got interested in UI/UX Design last year and shifted my focus towards that. I have worked on some UI/UX Design before I even knew what it exactly was before in college. There was a group of four in my team and my focus was on the information architecture (wireframes,sitemaps). I’m trying to get a job as an entry/junior level UI/UX Designer and here is what I have so far in my portfolio. I’m also currently working on a new project which will be put up when it’s done.

Portfolio -

Any feedback and advice is highly appreciated, thanks.


Hi Rafael,

Welcome, Some nice finished pieces in your portfolio. The one thing I’d suggest is show more of a journey from sketches through to the end. And possibly label a few of the images with a brief note just to explain to the viewer what your thought process was. What design or ux decision were made and why.

Great Work, keep it up.



Thanks for the comment. I recently started to realize that I need to show more of the process so In the first sneaker project I only had wireframes and mockups. In the second and third projects I started to show sketches. I will consider labeling and brief notes to explain the process, I thought that would be better off to discuss in an interview but I might be missing some because of that. My current project that I have not finished yet is my best one yet as I learn and get better from past projects.It’s another mobile app and I have sketches and user flows as well to show along with the wireframes and mockups.


Hi @ralphc-nyc – I love the minimal, clean look of your site. I agree with Paddy though – I’d like to understand your process better. Take Project 1 for example. I’d consider limiting the number of wireframes that you include to 2 or 3. Annotate them to describe your thinking and process. Include your sketches and any iterations, along with your rationale.

Check out this example from one of the best portfolio’s that I’ve seen. The process is clearly described and you get a feel for how the entire experience was planned and executed.


Thanks for the feedback. Does it matter what way I annotate the wireframes? I can just do it in fireworks or photoshop correct?


Correct. It doesn’t matter at all.