Need feedback on improving presentation skills


Hi all
I have always shied away from engaging in visual design partly because I thought I cannot do it and partly I am lazy :slight_smile:

But a common feedback I get went I send over my portfolio or presentations to hiring managers is, the design could be better. We all judge a book by its cover. I had a total Anne Hathway moment from The Devil Wears Prada - if you want to work in fashion, you better dress for the job. :blush:

I took a really wonderful class in Skillshare and picked up the basics. I have reworked a presentation I did earlier and would like some feedback. What is good, what can be improved and what I must absolutely stop right away.

Old version -
Updated version -



Hi Sridhar,

I feel the second version is a clear improvement! You have added a concise branding for your presentation and keep it throughout the slides. Also, the last slide with your summary instead of just “the end” as in the first version is a much better approach!

I would like to understand one thing though - allow me to ask, even if this is related more to the content side of the presentation: you put the competitors analysis much in the foreground. But what I miss is the transition from that review of competitors products to your proposal. What makes the difference in your app? How does your app position itself compared to the ones you have analyzed? Did you intend to address the Cons in the other apps to make your app design stand out?

Kind regards


I agree with Markus, this is a huge improvement, well done!


Thanks for the feedback @marks78.

Regarding your question on addressing the cons in the competitor, it is a valid point which I have not addressed. I got a similar feedback to do a comparison of the competitors alongside my own design to highlight the value-add. I shall add a section to it.


The visual design is definitely a huge improvement, and quite impressive.

The only thing that I would say is that the format seems to assume that the slides are the presentation, not your discussion of them. They’re really great if you expect to understand everything by simply reading, but if you put these up behind yourself while you’re talking, you’re creating a potential conflict for your audience between paying attention to you and to your slides.

I usually recommend no more text than keywords, so that you have a chance to tell your story to your audience and really catch their attention.


Whoa! Amazing improvement. Good for you!

I have a suggestion for you to consider. In the Competitor Analysis section, you have areas of text highlighted. In my view, all that yellow actually detracts from your message. I don’t know if underlining or italicizing would be better though. You may have the answer.

I also like how you went out and learned something new based on the feedback you’ve received. Fantastic!


Thanks for sharing the course! I’ve been looking for something like this forever.


You did a great job of improving the second version. I agree with the comments below. In addition I would remove the table of contents slide. Also watch the spacing of text for example, there is a place where it’s very close to the edge of the text box which creates unnecessary tension. Putting each competitor on one screen so the screen shots and analysis are side by side is a great improvement.

When I looked at the slide deck I assumed you were trying to sell an app proposal. After rereading your comments I realized that it’s a portfolio piece. I’d love to hear more of your unique voice come through. What is special about the way you think and how you as a designer solve problems? The solution is good, but I’m not seeing your enthusiasm show through. Think about it like a dating profile, here are my stats blah blah blah which show that I have the skill set. Now, here is the real reason you should hang out with me ; )


They are intended to be self-explanatory. I usually send them over to companies for which I am interviewing. So the intent of the slides is to sell me in my absence :slight_smile:


That is an interesting perspective. I never thought of such. I normally tend to have a neutral message since I do not know much about the person who will be reviewing it. When I am face to face, I can reasonably read the room and infuse humour accordingly. When I write on Medium, I liberally use GIFs to convey the point but when speaking with companies, I feel a neutral attitude might be better.

However I have at times used smileys in other slide decks. How would you normally infuse your style in your presentations? It would be nice if you could share some slides.


This might be a regional difference. We wouldn’t usually use gifs or emojis, I was talking more about the tone conveying personality. I’m in California, we’re very casual here. It might not be appropriate where you are.