Need community help with page design and call to actions!



Need some community help. Do you find the call to action buttons conflicting in this design?
Clicking on “stay informed” opens the same sign up form that you would get when you click on “sign up” buttons.

What do you think will improve the overall goal of getting users to sign up for this service?


Sign Up makes me think I’m subscribing (paying for) the service, rather than joining a mailing list. Stay informed is a better CTA for that.


That’s a good point. I want to also A/B test a version without all the additional CTAs that all lead to the same location. I know more CTA leads to more cognitive load. I hve a feeling the client will be ‘scared’ users won’t click on anything. I want to prove otherwise. How can I explain this?


There are a LOT of CTAs on there, most of them extraneous. What is the one thing you want people to do? I’d just focus on that.


As a user I have no idea what you do. What on Earth is that tagline saying? True, I may not be your target market but “Infrastructure Hybridity Across Any vSphere” has no meaning.

And then you have two competing nav bars VMware Cloud etc and Overview etc: I guess one is parent of the other? And what’s ‘I need to’ …i need to what?

Summary: get your content sorted and simplify the IA



UI wise I think you did a great work:

  • the grid is well organised
  • the spacing is well managed
  • the type scales are consistent
  • I really like the colour palette you used

The only pain points, IMO, are

  • the look&feel and the position of the CTAs,
    • I would get rid of the one in the main navigation menu. As a user I don’t expect to have a CTA in the nav bar
    • I would increase the size of the CTA in the carousel
    • I would move it to the right bottom corner to make it more accesible accoridng to the way how we scan the web pages
    • I would use a different look&feel for the 3 CTAs, maybe removing the borders. I guess this design covers the LG breakpoint, so very likely those 3 CTAs will go below the fold
    • I would align the labels of the “stay informed” actions. I agree on not adding too much complexity and get rid of the “sign up” label, to do this you should work on the title of the section “Stay Informed”

Good luck with it!


Thanks for all the comments.
Just to clear up this is not my design. Im just interested in the CTA and button placements as I’m looking at frictions in the conversion funnels. This was an example of one page design using multiple buttons and unclear information scent