Need an another eye on the Status Column UI


The UI is for a Health Plan, which evaluate, negotiate, reconcile contracts and provide financial and quality performance of an HealthPlan and Providers.

Here I am sharing the three different layout for Status column and need feedback on the same, to make it more better and Intutive

Looking for the feedback, and why factor with recommendation :slight_smile: .

Hey @shrutee

Clean UI. Looking at these from a total outside perspective, the second option is the most congruent with what you have in the rest of the table. The first looks like a button to be clicked (I’m assuming it’s just a state change in the background?) and the third is inaccessible (low-contrast colour on white) from a visual perspective.

You’re not using colour alone for the indication which is good. People do read however I’m wondering how you might make the visual aspect more immediate … Could you add some iconography to support either state? A small visual cue placed to the left of each label? You could use colour here if you really wanted however it wouldn’t then be the only differentiator outside of the text.

Starters for 10.

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Hey Tom , Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback.

Your Feedback means a lot!.

The second one is definitely the best. In the first it looks like buttons and in the third it looks like links.
I don’t think the second one needs any icons as you have the colored dot. You don’t want to visually clutter the interface.