Need a review on the pop-ups and buttons



Hi UX Masters :slight_smile:
Can you help me out with this and suggest a better approach?
Please keep in mind that this is not an app but will be an html that will look like an app on mobile, tablet. This also needs to be compatible with the Desktop (larger ones too)
If this topic has already been discussed earlier, kindly direct me to the link.
I basically need a high level review on the below screens…

Screen 1 Buttons on popup for mobile device

Screen 2 Popups

Screen 3 Grid in a Popup

Screen 4 Too many action buttons on a popup and filter?

Thanks so much


What is the difference between CANCEL and DON’T SAVE?


Hi @HAWK, I think CANCEL just closes the popup and the DON"T SAVE button doesn’t save the changes to the form and takes the user back to the previous page…


My humble opinion on screen 4: I’m afraid some of the action icons underneath “Select record” are not clear enough in the mobile version. Considering there are some impactful actions such as “reset”, it could be worth it to rethink the buttons and make them more obvious. Perhaps adding the text for reassurance – although this could bring more clutter to the screen, it might be a good idea to test some variations.


Screen 4: What other actions can you do besides save due to the drop down arrow next to it? Same with advanced booking?

The ‘Add’ and ‘Find’ don’t need to be there. Also I don’t really know what some of the icons mean above?


hi @roland_decruz00

I didn’t fully analyze the patterns you used for those dialogs.
At the first sight I can tell you that:

  • there’s inconsistency related to the hierarchy of the buttons (Primary/secondary positive/negative). I don’t have the project background and I don’t know how you guys designed the interaction model for these components
  • there’s inconsistency related to the position od the buttons. As you well know, the comfort zone where to display buttons in the mobile views is the bottom of the screen, you should find a way to have, at least, the most important actions available there
  • the label content is not friendly. As @HAWK already mentioned, the label “don’t save” adds useless complexity to the user task. I have to think about the difference between the two negative actions “Cancel vs don’t save”. Please don’t’ make me think when it comes to taking a decision on a process :slight_smile:

keep us posted on the way how you deal with this topic!


Thanks @pedro


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