Navigating through large amounts of items

Hello all!

I have a user designing dilemma. My current projects requires for users to be able to browse through a large vast amount of items. Of course we have the usual filters, category groups and sub categories in place for users to able to find the desired items as well as a suggestive search component.

Now my dilemma is how to present the vast number of items. For the nature of the project we are trying to stay away from lists which only contains text. We want to show an image of these items for the user. I am tossing between having grid view, or having the same list design as Ebay which shows the image of the product on the side and the relevant information on the right. But then again Im really gravitated to the the carousel scrolling function like Netflix as it also has large volumes of items to be displayed for the user.

What do you guys think? Ive weighed out the pros and cons for this case but maybe it would be better to see the community’s opinion through fresh eyes!

Thanks again for your time guys looking forward to all your opinion


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Hey there,
Really happy to help you here.

Generally these types of questions get the best results if you can link to either screenshots or examples of the different options (even if on other sites).

Thanks for your reply @HAWK apologies

So here is what Im currently working on. This is the adding item to database flow but the majority of our project when the user is brwosing through items we are utilizing the carousel. The carousel is like a netflix kind of browsing item. At the moment the carousel is just a representative of what flow we are going after but our data base of items is a very very big so we are looking at ways to display them.

The other examples of options we are looking at




Thanks again for your time !

hi @n_bathan
I am a bit lost now.

Why did u upload the back-end screenshot?
Are we talking about the front-end list-page?
Are u looking for a design solution for all the list-page types (eg category pages, search results page etc)?
Which kind of e-commerce are we talking about?

Anyway, the Netflix approach is more focused on the look&feel of the items, the quality of the thumbnails is impressive. Are u sure that your catalogue can have such type of images?
I see the same topic is also for the other two examples you posted.

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Why don’t you leave it to the user to choose? If you’re not short on time and resources you can create both views to switch between as each user might have a different preference :slight_smile:

If you want to stick to one option only, then there’s A/B testing :slight_smile:

When I needed to create means for people to handle lots of items, my impulse was to find some grounding in file handling views (google drive, windows, macOs). That’s not entirely the problem you’re having though, you seem to have accurate enough references, perhaps.

anyway, my more obvious response is to use whichever view provides your target user with the information they’re looking for. if you’re not exactly sure who that is and need to make a decisions, i might err towards providing a little more information.

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