My Portfolio Review



Hey guys! I was wondering if I could get your guy’s opinion on my just recently launched portfolio. So I have a problem. I want to do more UX work, but my background is in UI & Graphic Design. I also only wanted to show my real-life UX work none of the stuff I did in school but I’m afraid my Portfolio is looking too lean. I’m also afraid I went to UXee and wont be able to get UI/UX jobs… any feedback would be much appreciated!

New Portfolio:

Old Portfolio:


Sorry for the late response Tyler. Here are some thoughts:

I don’t think you’ll limit your UI stuff too much. It’s clear from your personal/experience summary that you have solid skills in that area. You could consider linking to a downloadable resume that outlines your experience in more detail.

I love the mix of professional and personal info. It gives interesting insight into your personality which helps with culture fit.

Typos on your about page:

  • identifying paint points
  • I enjoy gardening and fresh food here’s a pic of our garden. (needs . and cap)

I like the degree to which you’ve documented your processes. The images and notes are great.

It would be helpful to be able to page from one project to the next without having to go back home each time.

These arrows are ambiguous – I thought they’d page to the next project but actually go to a completely different site

Hope that helps!