My Portfolio project: Interaction/UI designer



Hi UX friends!

after the nice chat: questions/answers in the thread “Ask Luke Anything!”

I decided to work on my portfolio/learning by doing, this post will be a working progress, sharing the ideas, projects and of course suggestions are welcome!
Well I don’t know if I will take 1, 3 or 6 months to complete, but It will be a fun project and a learning process

I loved this: ‘T-shaped professional’ in my case I have strong design and visuals skills(graphic designer) I will go as Luke suggest: a generalist but specialized in Interaction/UI design.

this is my goal, Interaction designer, UI Designer + UX generalist of course

and I will post my progress here :wink:
where I will start?..well, is time to find out :slight_smile: is going to be fun!


The first question for this project: do UX/interaction designers need to code ??

a lot of job offers asking for UX designers to code html/javascript/css, is now a requirement ??


Hi visualbug – I’m new to UX design, too, and I’m in the process of searching for a job in UXD.

It seems smaller companies/startups are looking for someone who can do many things, including coding sometimes.

Bigger, established companies (e.g. a bank or VW cars) usually hire for specialties like UX research and testing, or UI designer, or visual designer. And coding would be by someone else too.


I am reading this article: (UXmastery of course!)! :
and is helping me a lot!

Now I am choosing what I will do as a projects for the portfolio…


mmm, thinking that 90% of the UX jobs ask to code front-end (…maybe I will have to spend some time learning it (I don’t like it, but no problem learning it)…but maybe in the future…now one career first :wink:


Ok I give up,
I need to learn to code if I want to find a job…time to go to codecademy… now coding is a skill that 99% of jobs are asking for an UX Designer position…


I am learning Human Computer Interaction and I can say this : HCI have to be a requirement for any UX-UI designer, more than “coding” just the first chapters and I am surprise of how important and useful for UX Designers and not a lot of UXers are learning this…everybody is worring about coding, none about HCI (searching quora and a lot of webpages)

I will stop my portfolio project until I understand more about HCI and UX design…I will not care about coding, anymore, we (new guys) are missing the most important part…what a surprise :wink: I am in love with HCI and UX.


They have great courses, is online, with videos, books, lectures. It’s just awesome,
you pay annual membership and you can take all the courses that they have.