My "Messy" UX Process

Finally, i can post this “messy” Portofolio of mine. Well, this is not actual portofolio. I just dont know the right word for it. :smiley:
Actually, i am already finish this long time ago, but a lot of ideas come to me and i need to redo some pages. So, here it is

I made this based on Ed Lea design process (, and i am using my fake app too.
This is my first UX design process, so i really appreciate your opinions, critiques, and advices to make this portofolio and myself become more better and better. :slight_smile:

Hi kibou

Good on you for taking steps to capture and communicate how you solve design problems.

I feel like there’s a big focus on the wireframe/flow part of the process, and you haven’t told us anything about what you learned [I]before[/I] you started creating those wireframes. I know this is a fake app, but it would be worth you thinking about these questions (and explaining them to whoever is going to read this portfolio):
[]What were the motivations behind you creating this app?
]Who is the app intended for? Why do they care? What need is it fulfilling?
[]Who did you speak to about creating this product? What did you learn?
]How did you decide who should be your target user group?
[]What is it about these users that you learned from your research?
]How have you modelled these users to capture your findings? Where are the personas, scenarios, storyboards? I want to see some context. The “problem definition” you’ve written touches on this, but it doesn’t go anywhere near enough to show that you have a good handle on the bigger picture.
[/LIST] Being able to create some wireframes and show how they string together is great, but it’s all for nothing if you haven’t given thought to the stuff above.

I hope this is helpful. Take a look through our article on UX Process for more info on this stuff.


Thank you very much for your reply, Matt :slight_smile:
Actually, when i start build this portofolio, i want to explain the whole app. but, because i used Ed Lea’s portofolio as based, i only created one flow process (Cake of the Day) because Ed Lea actually only cover one flow process too (Process when you create new trip schedule). I dont know what part should i explain and how to explain it in my portofolio. so maybe you can give me some advice about how to present my idea in my portofolio as whole app.

For your question, i will try to answer some :
1.What were the motivations behind you creating this app?
its came from the Bus app from Rohan Puri. i watched his presentation at Harvard and he showed the UX process of his Bus app. from that i think about change that into something that more luxury and famous like Cake app, where people talk about their fave cakes and share it the experience with the cake.

  1. Who is the app intended for? Why do they care? What need is it fulfilling?
    i intended this app for user around 17-40yrs old who loves eat cake and live in city. the reason i use this persona because a lot of people who loves eat cake always go to one place and a little bit lazy to taste new cake from other shop. And at the same time they are curious about how other cakes taste too. so, with this app, it will give them a good amount of information about others cakes and where to get it without spending their money for just try the cake.

i hope i explain it well, because i am still new and my english isnt that good either. :smiley:

Great start @kibou
@Andrew_Lamont does a fantastic job of describing the discovery and definition stages in his portfolio. You can see that here.

Emily Watson does a great job too. Here you go.

Thank you very much for your reply, HAWK. :smiley:
and they are have really awesome portofolio too. its really inspired me.
The reason i post this because i want feedback from other user about how my design (the art & stuff) and the flow process and the wireframes too.
because i dont think i can make such a good portofolio now. but i want to know if i am already in the right track about UX designing.
so, i hope you can give me a critiques, ideas, or advice about what should i do to make the portofolio better and what is lacking from my portofolio.:smiley: