My first website - feedback?

Hi, I am doing website with many dashboards and charts. I don’t know how to make it more united and I don’t like the title font :smiley:

Hello Akaren, welcome to UX Mastery. :slight_smile:

The two things that stand out to me are the lack of padding and separation between items. They look haphazard.

Here is an example of one that I designed last year. It has a uniformity which yours is missing, and the light gridlines help with visual separation.

Does that give you some direction?

Thank you! Yes, you are right, padding and seperation is wrong. I am using bootstrap and putting every chart to column tohave it responsive so it’s difficult to do “nice” space between objects.

And how does empty chart look like? I am using icon. And for charts with axis I am showing empty grid. But pie charts, topolgy charts… tables has just empty icon.

When there is no data to display we do this:


That looks good but I always thought there should be error icon. It’s error msg so why pie chart icon?

It’s not an error as such – there just isn’t any data to show. The intention is to show that there would be a chart there if data exists.

Do you also scale it? If chart would normally be over whole screen but if it’s empty, you make it smaller. Isn’t it confusing for user? He maybe know chart positions and moving with it could be bothering.

I’m not sure that I’m understanding your question properly. The whole page is responsive and the bounding box of the empty chart is the same size as it would be if there was an actual chart in it.