My first UXUI case study



Hello there,

I finally have my first case study online and I would like to have feedback from you about it.

I have tried to create something easy to follow and very visual, becuse English is not my mother language. So then, if
I can show something with an image instead of text, I prefer to do that.

Finally I have created a PDF first in order to check it before I start coding.

Please let me know what do you think and If you miss or I have to improve anything.

Thank you very much and happy new year!.


Hi @aarigonlanzani,

I reviewed your PDF. It’s a good start! Is there a reason you are coding your portfolio and not using a platform such as Wix or Wordpress?

Anyway, I don’t think you need the Process and Role section. That is usually understood by most hiring managers. I would expect to see more in the research section. How many people did you interview? Did you do any surveys? What research methodologies did you use? Sections 2.2 and 2.3 are usually what goes into a persona, so it seems strange the way you have them organized. You can do an empathy map and a persona, but you usually do one or the other. I was confused by the title “User Flows and Workflow.” Those are also separate things that it looks like you combined. Your information architecture isn’t a sitemap, which is what I would expect to see. It looks more like a database schema. Make sure you are clear here with what you are showing and meaning. You should also separate out your wireframes and mockups as those are two different things as well.

Hope that helps!


Hello, hello!

Before reading my response, you should know that I have not finished my own, first case study.

That said, here are some changes I would make:

  • Headers - Your “1 - Introduction” needs to looks more important than the sub-categories it contains. (Subcategories: “1.1 - My Role and Process”, “1.2 - Tools”). This should apply to “2 - Research” and “3 - Inspiration” and their relationships to their subcategories.

  • 2.2 - The bottom half of this page is blank. Because I had a full screen of your Case Study with nothing on it, I was concerned that you had ended your case study at this point.

  • 2.3 - Remember that to think as a UX designer is to think as a problem solver between a company’s goals and their customers’ goals with their product. “Our Goals” may be better said as " ‘Bag of Love’ Goals", or, if you are currently working for this company, ‘Company Goals’.

  • 3.3 - It doesn’t make sense to me why you ended this paragraph with ‘…’

  • 3.3 - “Before I start drawing I usually make a brainstorm, inspiration research or using some inspiration technique like crazy 8” sounds weak (Do you sometimes not do a brainstorm or inspiration technique? Why did you use the word ‘usually’?) and assumptive (What if I don’t know what ‘Crazy 8’s’ are?) If you took the ‘Crazy 8’s’ technique from a book, then mention what book that you learned that technique from. If you learned it from a mentor or teacher, then ask them where they learned it from. If it is something that they came up with themselves, then briefly teach the reader what the Crazy 8 inspiration technique is.

  • 3.4 - “I always think two heads are better than one, therefore any feedback is very welcome.” If you want to use this sentence to ask your interviewers to suggest changes, then I would phrase it as a question instead.
    However, I would advise against this as you should strive to get interviewers to talk and ask more about you and not about some mock-ups. For not all interviewers are designers, yet they all want to talk about you.

  • 3.4 - “Desktop low fidelity mock-up / Mobile low fidelity mock-up” is a large and repetitive title. This could be rephrased as “Desktop and Mobile low fidelity mock-ups.”

  • 3.4 - “Height fidelity” is incorrect. “High fidelity” is correct.

  • 3.4 - Because the images of your mock-ups take up so much space, the titles of those images, “Desktop low fidelity mock-up / Mobile low fidelity mock-up” and “Desktop high fidelity mock-ups”, should be above their respective images so that your readers know what they’re looking at.

  • The “3.5 - UI Guidelines” section seems like it would tell the story of your project better if it was included before your high fidelity mockup images. If you did this, then you would need to change the title of 3.5 because that section would now include more that just UI Guidelines.

  • And, finally, I agree with @jdebari in that I would like to see the results of your user testing on your low-fidelity screens and how those tests influenced any changes you made on your high-fidelity screens. Also, what were the results of your project? Were they implemented? If so, what improvements has the company, ‘Bag of Love’, seen since they implemented your work?

As a whole, I like the look of your case study. The case study itself generally looks complete and your the landing pages you presented exemplifies a wonderful use of the color purple (my favorite color!) Nice job on completing your first project!

Here’s to many more,