My first UX Project


I have a few upcoming projects that are far enough out that I would like to apply UX to. Unfortunately at my current job, I am also the UI designer. I understand that these should be two separate roles but it is what it is.

My question is where to start? My thought was using the User Centered Design Process map located at
Is this a good direction? Any thoughts on how you started your first UX project and pitfalls to avoid? Thanks for the guidance in advance.


Hey Noquarter,
Exciting! You might find this UX Process Overview useful as a starting point.

Hawk… Yes, I posted this before I started reading the Mastery Book and this diagram seems like a much better starting point. While the seems very in-depth I dont think I need all of that quite yet. Thank you.

Let us know if anything about that process description/diagram is confusing. We’ll be happy to help and answer questions.