My first ever Portfolio Review request



Never done this before.


  1. Get a sweet sweet buku UX job


First, congrats for your first portfolio! What I really like is you broke each project into parts and explained with numbers and bullets. The recent project showed your thinking process, leading each section with questions - I like it.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Visually, it can be improved. I feel more visually comfortable reading “A Sample Sales Support Platform”.

  2. I feel some of the projects you list are not finished. As a reviewer, I would be happy to see what the result of your design, or what final product looks like.

  3. The images can be more engaging. I understand why you blur some of the work, but if it is a sensitive project, you might want to consider setting up a password for the access.

Keep up the good work! Roam was not build in a day, and it is always difficult to build a portfolio from scratch. Hope the suggestions helps!


You documented your projects well, but it was difficult to focus on them because there were too many distractions. I think the colors are too distracting, I would stick with 2 to 3 colors. Also, fonts are inconsistent, title font size and text font size should stay same size throughout your site. Remember, less is more!
Hope this helps, good luck :slight_smile:


I commend you on soliciting feedback! Takes guts.


  • It looks like you’re approaching each project as a story, which is a user-centered way to approach a portfolio.
  • You seem to have a methodical process and you show your work, which I know is important to hiring managers


  • I know what UX Architect means but the words “Management” and “Digital Facilitation” - what do those mean here? Are you trying to get a job as a UX Architect?
    *The visual design is quantifiably complex, and my concern is that it will overpower the content and the fact that you have a process and a story to tell. My suggestion is that you pare down the number of unique combinations of font face, font color, font size, font weight and font style to an absolute minimum necessary to achieve a visual and information hierarchy of the content - project thumb, description, next, repeat to be scannable. And such vibrant background colors and gradients really compete with the project pictures. They shouldn’t look better. This should be all about the projects, nothing should steal the spotlight from your process and your projects.

I realize it’s a work in progress so don’t sweat it too much. I’d love to take another look once you get some of those case studies filled out with more information.


Thanks everyone!
Will process some points and continue expanding/modifying the pages, and particularly the ‘recent work’ type pages themselves.

It’s super work in progress, but ya’ll know that already.

Thanks again.

I’m not sure what to call it myself. Things I do

  • scope projects and have a say in proposal formation for UX projects
  • lay out the work and specifications for my projects on all work to be done,
  • personally do all research and UX work (up until visual / aesthetic design [def not a visual designer :joy: ]),
  • outline projects, briefs, and create tasks for our overseas office of designers and developers
  • help load balance our work together with them, set sprints, and approve work… a lot of “product owner” type stuff
  • am the main single of contact for my clients and the agency

a lot of my clients have a technological understanding from the previous century. I fancy being able to make my work, or the work we do in general, really accessible.

The ‘default’ seems to be project manager or account manager, but idk. I have a scrum master certification and was working on passing the PMP.

Am i applying for UX architect work? a couple did have that title, yes. but generally it’s some UX Designer or Management role involved with UX designers.