My coursera project

Hello everyone! I wanted to get into UX so I took up an Interaction Design specialisation from Coursera. So here is my project:

Toad app

There’s still a lot more I have to improve on and I appreciate all your feedback and advice.



I think you’ve done an excellent job here. Your process is clearly documented and well written.

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I am very much impressed by your work! I am also a beginner and I’ve already found so many useful information in your post! Besides, I am also your target audience as I am on a lactose-free and sugar-free diet and your app addresses my usual struggle to find a place to eat during my journeys :watermelon:
Do you plan to bring this application to life? I mean will you outsource it for coding?

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Thank you! (-:

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Thank you! Unfortunately, aside from design changes, this project won’t into actual development. I don’t have the resources for it. A scope like this means a lot of database input and I didn’t take the business aspect and deployment into consideration when I was doing the project. I am planning on doing a different project though, and hoping to put it out into the market. Not for profit purposes, but to learn and understand how to develop a product (an app and a website, specifically) that would actually be used in the real world. Let’s keep in touch and we can update each other. I would also love to know what you’re working on and what your “UX journey” has been like. (-:

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This is nice. I like the way you explain things through and discuss the solutions to each problem.

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My “journey” was mentioned in this post And now, new people to welcome! It is quite short as you can see :slight_smile:
And oh, we are on the same track. I am working on a project that I hope to implement in order to 1) solve the real problem which I face and 2) practice with deploying a mobile/web app and testing it with real users. I am even thinking of developing the front end part myself, as I have a software development background. But to tell the truth, I still hope to find a front-end developer to do this job on a charity basis (learning JS and coding is not in my road map towards mastering UX :thinking:)
As I understood, you came to UX from visual design, right? Your screens look very professional!


Ah I see. I looked at your sketch files and your project description. Sounds amazing, I wish it’s in english though, hahaha. I couldn’t decipher much what’s going on. Did you post a case study about this? I’d love to hear how you guys developed the dashboard UI for you and your husband’s startup. The current project I’m working on is a dashboard/control panel as well, for my husband’s research, to control robot swarms. The keyword here is “research” and “academia”, which means, it’s also unpaid, hahaha. But I see some possible connections because their swarms also monitor terrain. I got a few more questions, if you’re willing, maybe I can interview you for insights?

Anyway, yes, I’m a visual designer. My background is in graphic design so there’s a couple of skills I learned as a graphic designer that translates well into UI. But UX is a whole new discipline, and in that field, I have so much more to learn.

I know a couple of front-end developers from work, I’ll ask around and see if anyone’s interested. (-:


Thank you :grinning:

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Robot swarms… hmmm… that’s fascinating! Can only imagine their application in agriculture, sounds like science fiction! I plan to translate all my studies and interfaces to English. But currently, my husband and I are busy with persuading our potential clients to invest in the actual development as we have only prototypes of the sensors and the interface. But I will definitely make the translations later.
As for my homeschoolers project, I’ve translated some stuff for the mentoring session (organized in this community) and it was a huge help!

Sure, let’s talk! Unfortunately, I am not available by voice right now (moving between places, slow internet), but I am instantly available through email, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, FB or private messaging here. So, we can communicate through any channel of your choice :slight_smile:


Thank you for the proposition! But I imagine that only those who are directly interested in using the product would agree to participate for free. So I am searching among my homeschooling parents community fellows.

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very well narrated “I can understand what this project is about”

I felt secure reading this, if that makes sense. I didn’t have many questions.

edit: you can probably go out and seek funding at this point.



Thanks! :grinning:

Yey thanks! (-: The robot swarms are very interesting, but the technology is not there yet for any meaningful application. So the case study I’m building around it is definitely sci-fi, hahaha! But it would be great to get some insights from people who actually have the working technology. I’m still in the early stages, building my frame work. I’ll keep in touch. Good luck on your projects, speak soon!

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