My boss doesn't believe in user testing

Hi all,

I’d like to open a discussion on whether or not user testing is something that is integral.

I currently work as a UX/UI designer within the sport industry and mainly focus on apps.

My boss is very, very much against any sort of testing and believes that it would just cloud our process. They worry about the time it would add on, how much feedback we would ignore and how much we take on board. They also believe that the feedback would be tainted, in some way, by telling people “your opinion matters, tell us what we should change”

They are someone who does not like taking on feedback and opinions, especially from collegues! and is of the mentality that “the users do not know what they want”

We are the designers and we know best and should be designing the best product right from the get go, is very much their mentality also.

I feel like this is holding me back in my own career and growth as I believe I am just a UI designer (not that there is anything wrong with that) rather than UX.

I’d love to what you all think about these methods and whether or not they have any grounds to stand on.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Do the user testing without them knowing if possible or ask coworkers. You obviously wont get any funds to help with it

If they want to spend money fixing items that could of been prevented, there isnt much you can do other than point it out when it happens

That is why we do not, under any circumstances, ask them

We observe, meassure and react to the test users’ interactions and experiences. We are designers, they are not, this much is true, but equally true is “we are not the intended users”. We do not have their mindset, skillset, behaviours or context.

It is hard to get the resources for proper testing, even if we know that it is well invested and less costly than creating something irrelevant and flawed. As @sketch_uzer says, do it anyway. Test with friends or strangers or whoever you can get a hold of. Guerilla testing is better than no testing.

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As mentioned before. Do the tests on your own, maybe find an article on the topic and show the results to your supervisor. The data will surely convince him.