Multiple options for user inside a multi-step form

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a multi-step wizard form, in which the user can create a signal. However, i’m not sure about one step, where the user first has to decide, whether the signal is coming from a phone caller, or not. And the rest of the actions, forms vary based on that decision. As you can see it in the image, initially i thought i would be using buttons, but if the user clicks the first button, new actions/options are avaliable. I think this amount of buttons might be confusing for the user. What do you think? What would be a better approach?

Thank you.

hi @haben108
I didn’t really understand what “create a signal” means, I think the UX/UI pattern you used has room for improvement though.

I would go for a TAB based selector in order to show the different web-forms according to the value the user selects.

Does this make sense?