Multiple Avatars of UX Designer


Hey guys…
Whats your take on UX designer being UI designer, Researcher, UAT tester? In India 80% of UX designers face the same issue. Thats what recruiters/recruiting agencies look forward. How is this managed in other countries?


I think most of the companies bundle all theses task under the name product designer. it’s just a thought. like to hear more!


When I first started out and we were a small team I was an all-rounder (although not a UAT tester). In some ways I was glad for the experiences I was given as it helped me identify my strengths and preferences. I have seen recently jobs advertised for UX designer, research and genius front end developer all in one - I think most recruiters are searching for a unicorn that they won’t find and perhaps they know the buzz words but not understand the skills.


I agree with you Jaison…I know many Digital Agencies & Product Companies who hire “Graphic Designer” who has to be an expert in UI/UX, Web designing & Front end development. Even in my previous job, I was a Creative lead who works on UI/UX projects, Web Designing, Managing projects, Working on Kinetic typo animations, the list goes on…


Your right Libby. When we are a small team, we gain more experience. But same scenario even in big agencies & companies. They doesn’t want to invest on Employees.

Current scenario - Less Employees, more work, more money, low quality of work. I guess its not the same in Australia.

One of my friend works in Iloura in Melbourne. He says the work culture and system is completely different from that in India.