Multi-select to assign images

I’m working on a CMS screen in which a user can upload an image to represent a category. This category can be available in three different applications and therefore we allow the user to also upload multiple images and assign them to a specific application (since the display differs slightly), but we also want to allow the user to just use one image to be used for every application.

Currently after uploading the image the user will see the image in a table and can use a drop-down with a multi-select to select the applications for which the uploaded image should be used. In this drop-down we also have a ‘default’ option which can be used to display the image in all applications unless another image is assigned specifically for the application.

I dislike two things about our current setup/design:

  1. I think it is weird to have a ‘Default’ option within the drop-down, next to the actual options. The reason for this default option is that in the future extra applications will be added in which the images are used, which would mean that users will have to manually check all the images to get it assigned properly for the new application.
  2. Currently, when image A has Application B active (from the multi-select drop-down), for image B, application B will be disabled (otherwise you could assign two images to the same category). But if you want to change it, you should first deactivate application B for image A to be able to assign it to image A.

I’ve been struggling with this whole afternoon but I cannot seem to find a solution which feels good. I hope you might have suggestions for me to tackle this problem!

I hope I described it clearly, but if not, do not hesitate to ask questions for clarification :slight_smile: