Monster List of UX Book Recommendations



Unfortunately, editing can’t be limited to just one column. It’s all or nothing.

I also don’t think there’s any way incorporate voting.

I had actually thought about creating a survey to get people to recommend the level of expertise needed for each book (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced), but again, that would take a lot of time to make, and I doubt anyone would bother going through such a long survey.


Hmm, I wonder if there is some software that you could import an excel file into that would give the additional features of voting / reviews :thinking:


Sounds like a job for Airtable.


Never heard of it before. Looks interesting!


For Airtable UX inspiration, here’s an old version of my redacted base UX methods & projects in Airtable Universe.

Importing a .CSV file is straightforward. Building a form and making that public is easy. People could vote and add review text to a linked table. Done! :wink:


Love it. I’m going to put it on my list to investigate. Thanks for the tip.


For anyone who doesn’t already one, get yourself an Airtable account! :slight_smile:


Funny you should mention that. I’m actually in the process of converting my list to Airtable.

How did you create that description page? What about sidebar that shows all the different views? Are those premium features?

I thought forms only allowed people to add new records (rows). Is there a way for people to vote or fill out fields on existing records?


Yay for Airtable!

A description page is for any bases that you publish to Airtable Universe. The sidebar also comes with the page template in Airtable Universe. (When you publish to Airtable Universe, you also get a profile page. I’ve only published 1 base from my profile.)

Consider structuring it with 2 related tables. A form could add a record with vote / review fields to a second table. The first table would be records of things that people can review. And use the Link field to link the tables.

If editing existing records via a form is needed, at this stage the work-around is Zapier on a paid plan - see Airtable community forum - Form to edit data.

There’s a few other UX bases in Universe. Check out all the UX bases in Airtable Universe! :wink:


Hahahaha. I had bookmarked this topic to investigate using Airtable for this list myself.
Are you going to go ahead and do it and if so, are you cool to share it here? If yes to both, I won’t double down. If no, I’ll go ahead.


Thanks! I made a form that would allow people to select a book and then submit a rating and any suggestions for categories. The only problem with the ratings is that since I set that as a single select field with the options 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, there doesn’t seem to be any way to average them for each book.


To average the values of a numeric single select, add a field with a formula that uses the VALUE() function. :wink:


Thanks again! I now have average rating and number of ratings for each book working!


Awesome! Yell out if/when your base goes into Airtable Universe / if you’re happy to invite with Read Only access / have shared views embedded somewhere / etc. Your workflow could trigger ideas for how we might do things better. :slight_smile:


Wow, what a great resource. Thanks, @chrisoliver! Had to share on twitter. Even though I am late to the party in doing that, I feel like it is pretty timeless.


Just wanted to put out there that I’m collecting a list of articles and resources on UX niches for my book project. Feel free to take a gander, and let me know if you know of anything you’d like to see added.


Hi everyone! I’m working on a new and improved version of this list using Airtable. If anyone is interested testing and giving feedback on it, just send me a private message with your email address so I can send you an invite. Thanks!


I just published a huge update to this list:


:star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

I… have no words. I mean, really, this is one of the most impressive book lists I’ve ever seen. I tend to be the guy who always has a book for everything, and I feel like I need to do my homework after brushing through the list.

Hell, you’ve got Cognitive Engineering, The Information, Thinking Fast & Slow, and General Systems Thinking on that list. There’s some serious heavy lifting in there that I like to wave at professional academics to scare them off.

I’ll just be over here, furiously scribbling my to-read list.