Monster List of UX Book Recommendations



UPDATE: The latest version of the list is now on Airtable. Read about the update on Medium.

After coming across numerous lists of recommended UX books, I became a little frustrated trying to figure what books I should read first. While I noticed a few books that showed up on most lists, each list seemed to contain a lot of different recommendations, so how could they all be comprehensive, essential, must-read lists?

To remedy this, I decided compile a master list of every UX book list I could find and tally the number of recommendations for each book. This turned out to be an enormous task primarily because some of the lists were very long and almost every list had unique recommendations (and sometimes a lot of them).

By default, I have it sorted by number of recommendations, but obviously you can sort by title, author, or category. If you click the filter button, you can also filter by category.

A few things to note:

  • Some list sources are probably more authoritative or trustworthy than others. If you’re curious, there’s a Lists tab that has links to all the lists I used.
  • A book with more recommendations isn’t necessarily “better” than one with less. It’s just more popular or well established. Also, newer books aren’t well represented on most of the lists.
  • I used the categories from UX Mastery’s book list and did my best to apply them to books from other lists that weren’t categorized. Some lists had certain books categorized differently, and some books seemed like they fit into more than one category to me. In those cases, I just added a second or even third category when it seemed appropriate.

How you can help improve the list:

  • Did I miss a book list that I should add?
  • Are there any categories that should be changed for or added to certain books?
  • Do you have any other feedback? Let me know.

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@chrisux Amazing collection, Thank you very much.


@chrisux Wow, excellent work! (applaud emoji goes here)


I’m tweeting this! You’re a star @chrisux


I wish I had time to read books these days.


Thank you very much!

Suggestion: Maybe link to buy the books or to compare prices?


Yes, I was planning on adding links eventually, but I just haven’t had time yet. I’ll probably add them gradually starting with the most recommended.


I added two more lists as well as links to a bunch of the top books.


@chrisoliver This is marvelous. Bookmarked! Thank you for sharing.


I don’t even know how to reply. This is the best!!!


Awesome! Great work thanks.


Hi @chrisoliver, thanks very much for sharing such a monster list of UX Book Recommendations, and this will be our life saver definitely! However, I’d recommend you another informative eBook collection about UX/UI design that worth reading for 2016. Hope you guys will enjoy it


@chrisoliver fabulous job boss thanks lot…


Hey everyone! I adapted this into a Medium post. If you found this list helpful, I’d really appreciate it you could recommend the post on Medium and share it with others! :slight_smile:


Whoa! That’s a huge list…

@chrisoliver amazing work. I would really appreciate if you could suggest something like top ten reads to start with. just a suggestion.


May be worth adding a review column? Or star rating that people can add to when they’ve read it?


In the Medium post, I listed the ten most recommended books under the link to the spreadsheet. I don’t want to make any personal suggestions for books right now since I’ve only read a few of them myself.


I like the idea of ratings/reviews, but I’m not sure of the best way to incorporate them. Someone suggested added Amazon ratings a while back, but I don’t know of a way to get that data into the spreadsheet and have it update automatically as the number changes. I think I would have to enter it all manually, which would be really tedious.

I’m also not allowing anyone else to edit the spreadsheet to prevent anyone from accidentally messing something up, which means people couldn’t add their own ratings. However, they could make their own copy of the spreadsheet (File > Make a Copy) and then add a rating column to their copy.


Before I make some suggestions I will say that I have no idea how Excel works, so what I now say may be complete nonsense!!

Would it be possible to allow only one column for user editing, and keeping the rest of the file locked down?

Could like one column be a ‘vote’ type thing, I’m thinking a bit like stack overflow where you can vote answers up and down?

The only other way I can think of doing this is putting it into something like survey monkey and having people say which is their favourite book but that would probably be an awful lot of work!


awesome thanks