Missing a forum?

I was just about to post a question, asking ‘how well ingrained is accessibility in your organisation?’, but then wondered where this sort of question should be posted…

It doesn’t seem to fit into ‘process’, ‘tools’, ‘techniques’, ‘careers’, or ‘mentoring’, and yet ‘water cooler’ seems a bit too generic. Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

What category would you propose it live in, Dean? A few come to mind: “Accessibility”, “Selling UX”, “Culture”, or something else?

Culture makes sense to me, but I’m definitely open to debate.

I’d second @mattymcg suggestion of ‘Culture’ as a new forum category.

The work that’s often required around culture change in organisations regarding UX and the adoption of good UX practices would make this a really useful area to have a dedicated space to discuss.

Ta da!

Ask and ye shall receive. Post away, Dean!