Milestones icon



We’re having a debate at work over which icon to use to represent a life milestone, to be displayed on an online obituary.

I created a 2 surveys that I circulated internally and externally to my network and the results showed a clear winner - champagne flutes… but there is still an ongoing debate even though the users have spoken.

I’m looking for additional feedback and suggestions.



Interesting dilemma!

Can I make a suggestion? Remove from your post the winner so you don’t bias the responses that you get from us.

That said, I’ve just completed the survey. I chose the only option that to me signifies across-the-board celebration, whereas the others either signify a specific event or they are ambiguous.

p.s. Welcome! Glad you’re here.


@HAWK That’s a great suggestion! I’ll give that a try! Thank you :slight_smile: and glad to be here!


Personally, I’m a fan of the flag-- it’s the simplest of the lot, and easiest to digest at-a-glance.

With that in mind, I think you’re going to run into an age-old problem with your icon selection-- only a very, very small amount of icons are so ubiquitous that they are easily recognizable by a wide variety of people. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a generally recognizable icon for the concept of milestones. Whatever you choose, you’re going to have disagreement, and labeling the icon will be a necessity. In that respect, I don’t think prolonging the debate is going to do anyone any good. You’re just going to end up in the same position no matter what you do.


Thanks @dougcollins, I agree! No need to reinvent the wheel here, the flag is consistent and Facebook uses the flag icon for their milestones feature as well. 'm sure they went through this same problem.


It’s a really common problem with icon creation. If you spend any time here on the forums, you’ll get bored with me banging this drum. I apologize in advance :slight_smile: