Migrate users to another site

Are there any best practices and samples or benchmarks for a process around migrating users from one site which will take down its service to an entirely another site?

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Can you re-use the internal database? I’m not a developer but try to ask Dev. Team if there is possible keep login page (with the new image) and then get access to the new site (redirection). I don’t know if this is possible…

If not… then I understand users have to set a new user and password again. In that point, they will lose everything? Do they have to start again? (whatever been your app or web). That’s would be annoying and it have no sense (I think). But ok, let’s think users only have to set again the email and password. Then you show funny messages and pages, a little of storytelling, making the process softer and winning engagement. Even if you consider it necessary, you can give an kind of award to your users… low prices, offers, etc.

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