Microsoft Dynamics and UX/UI


So my company is getting into MS Dynamics - which in a nutshell, is Microsoft Access on Meth. It’s a huge, complex platform. You can create applications and workflows, business rules, etc, all with forms, and form elements. No need to get into the complexities of the back-end stuff - my question is simple…

I know the UX/UI process can vary between companies, and even between UX/UI Designers - so how would YOU handle this process?

My initial thought is something like this: (please chime in)
We will not need as much color/design input (there will be no images/logos, etc) - it would be more focused on required elements and what information to collect on the forms. Focus should be on data collected, and work flow through the application. I would still need to meet with stakeholders to collect the business problem(s) to be solved. Wireframes and mockups would still be needed to get user input on functionality and flow. And of course user testing in the end.

We are in an Agile environment (which I’m new to), so I would imagine the sprints/cycles would come into play during the initial design/mockup phase, and again during the high fidelity design.

We are trying to establish a UX/UI process for our company - so we have wiggle room to create it as needed.

Any thoughts appreciated.


Hey David,
Happy to help but I’m not quite clear on what you’re asking here.

Could you include a screenshot perhaps? What are you trying to design and who for?


The “who” here is big in terms of understanding what constitutes a successful design.


The product would be Microsoft Dynamics, the internal employees would be using it as a large CRM for patients in a healthcare environment. Different parts of the CRM would be built out as needed.

So I would imagine my stakeholders and user research would be internal people since they know what the CRM would need to do and how to function.