Mentor Wanted


To whom it may concern,

Basically I have been involve in the UX field for the last 3 year, and I have been doing UX for the last two year.
I have a background in computer graphic design, which was a highly creative degree back in Belgium. I have done front end development back in Europe, but that experience was more of a random start, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the time.

After doing UX for this last two years, I am entering in the phase where things are not junior level anymore, I can feel that I am growing but new difficulties arise, which is excellent.
Sometimes I am questioning myself but I am still stuck with my books, videos, etc.

What I am looking for is a mentor that can do a bi-monthly catch up in Melbourne or somewhere else for an hour and bring a fresh perspective.
These conversations will be more about my attitude in certain situation, thus a true honest opinion will be highly considered.

I had one mentor a year ago, a head of product strategy in a software development company, today I am looking for someone way much more involved in the UX field.
I facilitate the UX Movie Night every two months and I am always thrilled to visit a modern art exhibition / places that inspires.

I have a portfolio that will certainly tell you a bit more about my work
Of course drinks will be on me :slight_smile: Just feel free to send me an email.



I feel a bit sad that the response for your request for a mentor here hasn’t had any response. But I do have some theories about why—they’re mostly articulated in our Get Started in UX ebook. Basically I don’t think the best mentors can be found by just asking the internet and hoping someone will respond.

That said, I’m happy to put my hand up, if you’d like. We don’t know each other well, and I have a few other mentees that I meet with occasionally. But we’ve at least met a few times and we live in the same city, which is a start. We can catch up for a coffee in August to chat about it some more, if you like (I’m overseas from Monday until the end of the month).



Thanks for your reply. Well, I had no big hopes to find a mentor straight away, but that was worth asking.
I had a chat with a few UX practitioner in Melbourne and it seems that this network makes things easier.

I have also discovered that Service Design Melbourne is very keen to push towards something that help finding mentors and Mentor Track is part of the options.
What do you think?


Hmm, interesting! Nice find. I’ll check it out.