Mega menus for ecommerce



Hi All,

a client currently implements a mega menu for the main navigation of their e-commerce website.
I was going to suggest to replace it with a simpler navigation combined with separate landing pages that display the products.
But apparently mega menus work well…
although there are several issues

I am trying to understand the impact of mega menus on conversion, bounce rate, product page views…
Would you have any data, or know of any articles/studies that compare several solutions for the top navigation?

Thank you very much,


hi @leendii
I worked on a similar topic some years ago.
At the time I found very valuable the data from this website:

I was working on a B2C platform and the goal was to re-design the main navigation trying to organise more than 200 categories.
We have run 4 A/B tests, with two IAs. The first one, as you said, based on landing pages and the second one with a jumbo menu with all the main categories.

Guess at the end what was the recurring result for all the 4 tests?

Good luck with your research


Thanks @dopamino
What was the result in the end?
I wouldn’t know…thanks


you’re welcome @leendii

all the 4 tests showed how the jumbo menu was performing way better than the landing page approach.
We changed the UI from the fly-over to an accordion container because the UI pattern on the XS breakpoint