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I’m on the first project with the new process in place. It’s going as I expected, and I’m only being allowed to actually implement “portions” of a good UX process rather than the full process the company agreed on. Honestly, I never expected the change overnight, so this is a great step forward. Here’s the information and my question:

We have been given a task to create a calendar for around 30 people. At max capacity, it potentially could have thousand of events on it. Not an exaggeration. But we can manage that easily enough. It also MUST exist within Outlook as a plug in. That is the main limitation of the major stakeholder. We have already interviewed all users and have put together a list of features which they then ranked based on which were the most valuable to them. I have made a pretty robust wireframe in Balsamiq from a project about a year ago that I’m going to use for the next meeting. What is the best way to run this wireframe workshop with the development team, project manager, and maybe 2-3 users (that is all that plan on coming).

Whiteboard, paper, directly in Balsamiq?

Good question @maxflyer, I don’t know the answer but maybe these resources will be helpful to you:

Yay, it must be good to finally be on the right road!

I’m not sure that there is a precedent here. My guess is that it will depend on the resources that you have available, and your ability to handle Balsamiq on the fly. I think my personal preference would be to use Balsamiq and a projector or large screen. Is that an option?

Exactly what I thought! Balsamiq would be great, for two reasons: quickly get ideas out there, and also a little training. But I found out that the IT department will not put Balsamiq on the network. Right now I have it on my stand alone Mac. So that means my resources now are a giant whiteboard, paper, markers, and that’s about it.

I would print out multiple copies of the wireframes and let them draw on them- it might seem backward but there’s something about putting pen to paper that results in a seriously good brainstorm. Take your Mac along with you too, but don’t under estimate the power of paper pinned to the wall- especially for a workshop with users invited.

We have recently had a brainstorming session with stakeholders and this is exactly what I did - printed off multiple copies of each screen in the flow and allowed everyone to critique and add their own ideas. We then put together the best screenshots to create the most user friendly journey. It worked really well, everyone felt they had their ideas listened to, and very quickly we had great ideas with stakeholder buy-in from the get go!

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Awesome! It really does work and it’s great for buliding that shared understanding of what we do :grinning:

Any possibility to use one of our web-based versions? See LMK if we can help.

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Would love that, but this is going to be on a classified system. Takes a lot of options off the table unfortunately. But thanks for the response!