Meeting possible mentor next week


Hi, I’m meeting a very experience UX professional next week, to hopefully get some good first hand advice. Any good last min tips and suggested questions? I’ll prob have an hour over coffee. Was thinking of showing some work, and getting some feedback. Paddy


That’s awesome!

Yep, definitely go prepared to show some of your work but at the same time be prepared to just go with the flow of the conversation :slight_smile:

Be flexible and just be yourself :slight_smile:


Yay Paddy. That sounds promising. You could run your new portfolio design past him/her.


My advice would be to have a think about how you can help them, as well as how they can help you. Do a bit of research into the person, find out what they’re interested in and working on, and see if there’s any overlap. Add value, then cash in later, rather than making a withdrawal from the get-go. :smiley:


Thanks everyone, this guys is a freelance ux consultant his website is some of his most recent customer would also be know to me this will be a good starting point. I was also thinking of offering myself as another set of eyes on any projects he is working on. P


Have you had your meeting yet Paddy? :slight_smile: How did it go?


Hi, he couldn’t meet until next Friday (12th), i’ll let y’all know how it goes. P


Hi Guys, just on train back from meeting today.
Went very well, good some great advice on some core skills to focus on, just to strengthen the top of the ‘T’ shape in my skill set. I got him to look over some work I’ve already done and he gave me good tips on what each item needs to be super presentable as a story within my portfolio.
He also was well up to date with the state of the industry here, and how businesses are slowly coming around to the concept of Usability.
All in all very well worth while, we will certainly stay in touch, I’ve offered my self to assist on any UX project in exchange for the experience. And I’ll keep a lookout for opportunities I can pass his way.


That’s fantastic! Glad to hear it went well :slight_smile:


Congrats, it sounds like you found someone who you mesh with really well. Glad that you had such a productive first meeting :slight_smile: